Fall, Go Home…

…and tell your friend Winter to keep her ass at home. No one likes her.

Halloween has arrived and for the first time… I don’t care. I didn’t bother to get a costume, I didn’t really ask my friends what the plan was. I just planned on not really celebrating. I’ve been unintentionally participating in this program called “Who Needs Friends And To Go Out When There’s Booze And Twitter”. It’s been several hot minutes since I’ve even had a decent weekend out with friends, so I’ve been home and somehow managing to save spend all of my money at the same time. I thought people avoided going out to save money?! So basically, to celebrate Halloween, I’ll have a few drinks with a ton of friends alone and eat the rest of the candy the 5 trick-or-treaters that stop by won’t get.

Happy Halloween y’all!


Here are some Fall pics I took of Domingo. He’s gonna wear that sweater and like it! Because the best time to wear a striped sweater is all the damn time! *cues Spongebob’s sweater song*

dom4 dom3 dom2 dom1


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