Oh…Is It Amateur Hour?

The Christmas season is here, Black Friday came and went and my jolly ass decided to participate in the suicide shopping event. All I wanted was a new camera. The Canon EOS Rebel T3 to be exact. Got it for a sweet deal at Best Buy. I chose to do the Thanksgiving Day thing versus going out at like midnight or something. My decision seemed to work out to my advantage. Yes, there was a massive amount of people at Best Buy, but I was in and out with my camera in about 20 minutes. Not bad for Black Friday….even though it was actually, umm..Thursday? — ANYWHOOOO… I’m super pumped about this camera because now I can take some fancy shmancy pictures and take decent videos. All exciting stuff. There are so many buttons and letters and numbers and shit I’m not familiar with, but I’m gonna dive in head first. Fuck a user manual!…I ain’t got time to read all that! YouTube tutorials all day! I’ve already snapped some random pictures and started a Flickr so I could post them somewhere. I figured that’s what I’ll do for now. My most recent uploads will show up on the sidebar along with all the other social media posts in case you’re interested (And it won’t be all trees and shit. So just bear with me!). Good stuff is comin’ guys! I can feel it!


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